Wyoming Homeschool

Wyoming Homeschool Attendance Ages:  Children that turn 7 years old on or before September 15 of the current school year are eligible to enroll into a homeschool program within the state of Wyoming.  Students are eligible for homeschool before they turn 16 years old or graduate high school. 

Wyoming Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: Wyoming requires that all homeschool students receive at least 175 days of instruction, which is the same as Wyoming public schools. 

Wyoming Homeschool Required Subjects: Homeschool students in Wyoming are required to complete the following subjects:

reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature, and science
Wyoming Homeschool eligibility

1. Parents must annually submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees showing that a basic
academic educational program is provided.

2. These curriculum requirements do not require any private school or home-based educational
program to include in its curriculum any concept, topic or practice in conflict with its religious
doctrines or to exclude from its curriculum any concept, topic or practice consistent with its religious

3. Failure to submit a curriculum showing compliance is evidence that the home-based education program does not meet the requirements of the statute.

4. An instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not constitute a home-based
educational program.

Alternative Statutes Allowing for Home Schools:

If a home school is one operated under the control of a local church or religious congregation or a denomination, it may be regarded as a parochial, church, or religious school. Such schools are exempt from state regulation

Wyoming Homeschool Teacher Qualifications:

Wyoming does not have homeschool teacher qualifications.

Wyoming Standardized Tests

Wyoming does not have a standardized test that is mandatory.