Utah Homeschool

Utah Homeschool Attendance Ages:  Children that turn 6 years old of the current school year are eligible to enroll into a homeschool program within the state of Utah.  Students are eligible for homeschool before they turn 18 years old or graduate high school. 

Utah Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: Utah requires all homeschool students to receive the same education instruction days as public school students.  All students must have at least 990 hourse of instructional hours / 180 days of school.

Utah Homeschool Required Subjects: Homeschool students in Utah must complete the following required subjects:

Elementary Schools (K-6)
reading/language arts, math, science,social studies, the arts, health education, physical education, and
educational technology.

Middle Schools (7-8): language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts, physical education, health education, and career and technical education, life, and careers.

High Schools (9-12): language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts, physical and health education, career and technical education, educational technology, general financial literacy, and library media skills.
Utah Homeschool eligibility

A child is excused from attendance at the public school if the childís parent annually files a
signed affidavit with the minorís school district.

1. The parent must file an affidavit for each minor taught at home each year. The affidavit must contain
a statement that the minor will be instructed in the subjects that the State Board of Education requires
in public schools and that the minor will be instructed for the same length of time as minors are
required by law to receive instruction in public schools.

2. The parent of a minor who attends a valid homeschool is solely responsible for (i) the selection of
instructional materials and textbooks, (ii) the time, place, and method of instruction, and (iii) the
evaluation of the home school instruction.

3. A local school board may not (i) require a parent of a minor who attends a home school to maintain
educational records, (ii) require credentials for individuals providing home school instruction, (iii)
inspect home school facilities, or (iv) require standardized or other testing of home school students.

4. The school board shall issue a certificate to a homeschool program within 30 days after receipt of the affidavit stating that the minor is excused from attendance during the time specified on the

Alternative Statutes Allowing for Home Schools: Groups of homeschoolers have established
themselves as a regularly established private school.  According to the Department of Education, it has no jurisdiction over private schools. The only requirement that may apply is obtaining a business license.

Utah Homeschool Standardized Testing

Utah does not have a standardized test that homeschool students are required to complete.

Utah Homeschool Teaching Qualifications

Utah does not have qualifications that teachers must meet to teach homeschool.