Online High School FAQ

Choosing between an online high school and traditional high school can be a challenge for many parents.  Parents should choose an online high school program that offers an accredited diploma and provides academic support for students.  Asking the right questions will help parents determine which school is best for their child.  Below is a list of questions that should be answered before enrolling your teen into an online high school.

Who accredits the online high school? An online high school that is regionally accredited will have the widest acceptance. Diplomas and credits from regionally accredited schools are generally accepted by colleges and secondary schools. Some colleges and high schools may also accept national accreditation.
An unaccredited online high school does not provide you with a solid education and post-secondary institutions and employers will not accept an unaccredited diploma.
What curriculum is used? Your online high school should have a time-tested curriculum that meets your childís academic needs (remedial, gifted, etc). Ask about additional programs such as special education, college prep, or advanced placement.  Most online high schools provide an independent self-instructional study curriculum, so itís important that enrolled teens can learn and study on their own.

What training and qualifications do the teachers have? Teachers should be fully credentialed and have the proper state licenses.  Schools that hire teachers without the proper credentials usually are not fully accredited.

How long has the online school existed? Choosing a school that has been around for a while can help you avoid the trouble of trying to transfer schools at a later date.
What percent of students graduate? You can learn a lot by an online high schoolís graduation track record. If a large percentage of students drop out, you may want to reconsider.

How many students go on to college? If college is important to you, choose an online high school that has a high percentage of students that attend college after completing their program.  Be sure to ask about services such as college counseling, SAT preparation, and admissions essay assistance.

How much will an online high school program cost?
Most private online schools charge tuition by the semester. Public virtual schools may provide classes free of charge, but require parents to pay for expenses such as computers, software, and internet connections. Ask about additional charges for curriculum, technology fees, graduation fees, and all other expenses. Also, ask about discounts, scholarships, and payment programs.

Are any extracurricular activities offered? Find out if there are any clubs or social events available to students. Some schools offer extracurricular virtual programs that engage students and look good on a resume.

The above questions can be used as you search for an online high school program that is right for your teen.  There are many types of online high school programs, so take your time when completing your school search.  Make sure that you are 100 percent confident in your decision before making a commitment in any one particular school.

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