Online High School Classes

There are many online high school programs that offer students the opportunity to take high school credit recovery, AP classes, or to get an accredited high school diploma. Taking classes online is a popular way for students to receive a high school education at their own pace. Students that take online classes either need additional high school credits to graduate on time or want to get ahead in school.    Even though classroom learning may be considered more traditional, online education is becoming much more popular and beneficial for students that want a high school diploma.  Benefits to online learning include:

High School Diploma Programs

There are a variety of diploma programs and single classes offered through online high schools. Prospective students are able to choose from a variety of online education programs that meet their specific needs.  Programs such as online credit recovery, high school summer school programs, AP classes, or an accredited high school diploma are just a few types of programs that are available online.
Cost Efficient

Many states now offer virtual or online high schools to resident teens.  States have realized that it is much more cost efficient to offer a virtual learning environment then building additional traditional schools.  Florida, Georgia, and Oregon are just a few states that have really implemented the online learning concept.  Many states offer a free high school environment as long as you are a current resident.  Students can receive the same high school diploma as students that attend a traditional high school.  As budget constraints continue, many more states will implement an online education option.

If your state does not offer a free online high school education, there are online private schools located across the country that offer a low-cost online high school program.  Students from across the country can enroll, since private online schools usually donít have state residency restrictions.  All coursework and tests are administered online, so students can be located anywhere in the United States and still receive their school information.  If you are planning to attend a private high school, make sure that the program is fully accredited by an accreditation agency supported by the Federal Department of Education. 
Learn from Home

Since all classes are online, students will not have to attend classes. Teacher lessons and other course materials are electronically sent to the student who will then read them, prepare to take quizzes, and complete assignments. Students will never have to visit a classroom, which is great for students with a busy schedule. Some online high school programs offer a module where students and teachers can discuss course material with Q&A sessions.  Students must be self-motivated to want to learn and complete course material, since an online education is usually independent studying.

Classroom Flexibility

Students can now study at anytime during the day through an online high school, since all course material and teacher discussions are online.  It is recommended that students try to develop a study routine or allot a certain number of hours towards studying to make sure they complete their workload.  Online classes remove the stress by allowing students to learn when it is convenient for them.

Assignment Flexibility

Schedules may not be as strict when taking classes online. Students can work and complete assignments when they are ready and at their own pace. In addition, students usually arenít penalized for turning in assignments early if they wish to work ahead to accommodate for other obligations they may have.

Tests and quizzes will likely have to be taken within a week after they are announced, but students will still be able to choose when they would like to take them. Unlike traditional students who have set class times, online students are able to review course materials until they feel they are ready to complete assignments or take tests and quizzes.
Transfer Credits

Students can also choose to earn a portion of their high school credits online and some in a traditional high school setting. For high school students who want to attend summer school or credit recovery classes, but who have other obligations can take online high school classes from an accredited high school and transfer them to their primary high school.  Students interested in AP classes can now take AP Classes online to prepare them for the AP subject exam.

As you can see there are many benefits for taking high school classes online.  Students that tend to have a busy schedule outside of school (athletics, acting, events, etc), students that want to get ahead  in school (AP classes), or students that are at-risk of dropping out of school (online high school diploma) all now have many different options when it comes to online education. 

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