Online GED Programs

There are many great online GED programs that test preparers can use to study for the GED exam.  Some sites offer free GED prep programs online, while others offer fee-based GED test prep services.  Even though some services may charge, you may still benefit more from the free test prep resources available online.  Some free resources are free GED practice tests, GED practice review that familiarizes you with the types of items you will see on the actual GED test, and subject specific study material that will be covered in the actual exam.  Your learning style will ultimately determine which study method will work best for you when preparing to take the GED. 

GED test prep programs are available to individuals wanting to prepare to take the GED.  The official GED administration does not offer any specific prep courses, but large test prep companies do offer this service online.  Test prep services include online study material, practice tests, GED test prep books, and other great GED test prep resources.

There are also adult basic education classes that review GED subjects including reading, math, spelling, writing, communication, and critical thinking, which are available at local community colleges and junior colleges.  Adult education is great for adults that need a refresher course on specific subject material.  Many community colleges also offer GED prep courses that review exactly what will be on the GED exam.
There are online GED test prep programs that are offered online that give you both one-on-one tutor sessions and provide additional study material for you to review, but please be aware that these services usually cost much more money than the other services listed above. 

Whatever online GED course you decide to choose, make sure that it works best with your learning style.  It wouldn’t make sense for you to pay for a service that doesn’t prepare you for the actual GED exam.  Remember, there are many GED courses available online, so take your time and do your research.

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