Oklahoma Homeschool

Oklahoma Homeschool Attendance Ages:  Children over five years old are eligible to enroll into a homeschool program within the state of Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: Oklahoma requires all homeschool students to receive at least 180 days. 900 hours per year for all grade levels.

Oklahoma Homeschool Required Subjects: Oklahoma does not have any written required subjects that must be taught, but the Oklahoma courts have strongly recommended that homeschool students learn math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Oklahoma Homeschool Background

Oklahoma is the only state with a constitutional provision guaranteeing the right to home school.  Section 4, Art. 13 of the Constitution of Oklahoma guarantees the home school exemption by stating that the legislature “shall” provide for the “compulsory attendance at some public or other school, unless other means of education are provided of all children in the State who are sound in mind and body, between the ages of eight and sixteen, for at least three months each year.”

Oklahoma law does not require parents to use certified teachers or state-approved curricula, initiate
contact with, register with or seek approval from state or local officials, test their students or permit public school officials to visit or inspect homes.

If a parent is teaching his children the basic subjects for at least 180 days, the law requires nothing more.

Oklahoma Home schools are not regulated, since the framers of the Oklahoma Constitution specifically intended “other means of education” to include home schooling and gave the state no authority to regulate that exemption from compulsory attendance.
Oklahoma Homeschool Teacher Qualifications: Oklahoma does not have any teacher qualifications that are required in order to teach homeschool.

Oklahoma Homeschool Standardized Test: Oklahomas does not require standardized tests for homeschool students.

Homeschool notification to school: While the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) issues school numbers to all private schools after they report their grade level enrollment data as required by Indiana law, you do not need a homeschool number prior to transfering your child and beginning home instruction. However, you do need to let the public school know why your child is no longer in attendance or he or she may be considered truant.

Public school records:  You are entitled to a copy of these public school records, both as a school administrator and as the parent of a minor child, under state law and the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please note that this does not apply to private school records.

There is no state-approved curriculum for home school at any grade level.  There are also no state-approved or mandated textbooks .  Indiana law gives home educators the flexibility to choose the curriculum and textbooks they feel will most benefit their children.
Homeschooled children will not receive a diploma from the local public school or from the state. The IDOE suggests you use an accredited correspondence program which grants a diploma upon completion.

Students who are issued a diploma by the administrator (parent or legal guardian) of an Indiana homeschool possess a legally issued, non-accredited diploma according to the State of Indiana. Homeschools, like all other non-accredited, nonpublic schools, may legally issue a diploma to students that complete the graduation requirements of that school, as established by that school.

Indiana law requires homeschools to give instruction equivalent to public schools but does not bind any requirements set forth with regard to curriculum or the content of educational programs offered by the school.

Seventeen-year-old home educated students may choose to take the general equivalency exam to earn a general educational development certificate (GED). A homeschool number is required for a student to take the GED at 17, but not to take GED classes. The forms required for participation in GED testing are available at local GED testing sites.