New Hampshire Homeschool

New Hampshire Homeschool Attendance Ages:  A child that turns 6 years of age after September 30 is eligible for home school.  Children no older than 18 years old are eligible for homeschooling. 

New Hampshire Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: New Hampshire does not require any number of days that students must attend homeschool. 

New Hampshire Homeschool Required Subjects: Science, mathematics, language, government, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, the history of the constitutions of New Hampshire and the U.S., and an exposure to and appreciation of art and music.

In order for New Hampshire students to be eligible for homeschool, parents must complete the following requirements:

A parent must file an annual notice with the participating agency within 5 days of commencing a home school program and by the beginning of school in the resident district when continuing a home school program.  The annual notice is filed with the parentís choice of a ďparticipating agency, which include the following options:

1. Commissioner of education (not recommended)
2. District superintendent
3.   Principal of a non-public school (recommended).

2. The notice must include the childrenís names, addresses and date of birth. 

Home education programs automatically terminate each year on August 1.  If a family terminates a home education program before August 1, a written notice of termination must be filed with the commissioner of education and the district superintendent or nonpublic school principal within 15 days.

New Hampshire Homeschool Records: The parent of a homeschool child is required to maintain a portfolio of records and materials relative to the home education program. This portfolio must consist of the following documentation:

A log of reading materials
Used and samples of writings
Workbooks or creative materials used or developed by the child.

The parent is expected to keep the portfolio for two years.

New Hampshire Homeschool Teacher Qualifications: New Hampshire does not have homeschool teaching qualifications. 

New Hampshire Homeschool Completion Process:  The New Hampshire homeschool law allows parents to document the completion of a home school program at the high school level by submitting a certificate or a letter to the department of education.
New Hampshire Homeschool Assessment: Parents and children are required to be evaluated annually in their home education program. The parent can satisfy the evaluation requirement by submitting one of the following to the participating agency by July 1:

A written evaluation of educational progress prepared by a certified teacher or a current nonpublic school teacher selected by the parent, after reviewing the studentís portfolio and discussing with the parent or child


The results of any national student achievement test administered by a person meeting the providerís or publisherís qualifications, with a composite score at or above the 40th percentile;


The results of the state student assessment test used by the resident district, with a composite score at or above the 40th percentile;


The child may be evaluated using any other valid measurement tool mutually agreed upon by the parent and the participating agency.

If a child does not demonstrate educational progress for age and ability the participating agency shall notify the parent that progress has not been achieved. The parent has one year to provide remedial instruction to the child if the child does not meet the current education standards.