Montana Homeschool

Montana Homeschool Attendance Ages: Students between 7 and 16 are required to attend school in Montana.  The student must be 7 years of age or older prior to the first day of school. 

Montana Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: 720 hours per year for grades 1-3 and, 1,080 hours per year for grades 4-12.

Montana Required Subjects:

Same basic instructional program as public schools
Home School Laws and Regulations

Children can be enrolled in a home school that is instructed by a parent of his child, stepchild or ward in his residence.

The home school must:

1. Maintain attendance and immunization records which must be available for inspection by the county superintendent on request

2. Be in a building that complies with local health and safety regulations (for homes, not schools)

3. Provide at least the minimum aggregate hours of instruction.

4. Annually notify the county superintendent of intent to home school


5. Provide an organized course of study.  The board of public education has the authority to define and specify the basic instructional program for pupils in public schools.

6. Neither the superintendent nor the school board has the authority to approve home schools.

7. a parent has the authority to instruct his child, stepchild, or ward in a home school and is solely responsible for:

(1) The educational philosophy of the home school;
(2) The selection of instructional materials, curriculum, and textbooks;
(3) The time, place, and method of instruction; and
(4) The evaluation of the home school instruction.
Montana Homeschool Teacher Qualifications: There are no homeschool teacher qualifications in Missouri.

Montana Homeschool Standardized Tests: There are no homeschool standardized tests in Missouri.

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