Mississippi Homeschool

Mississippi Homeschool Attendance Ages: Students between 6 (On or before September1) and 17 (On or before September1)  are required to attend school in Missippi.  A parent may take their child out of kindergarten if their child is under the age of 6.

Mississippi Homeschool Required Days of Instruction: 180 days are required for students that are homeschooled in Mississippi

Mississippi Required Subjects:

There are no mandatory homeschool subjects required to learn in homeschool.

Home School Laws and Regulations

A home school parent is required to comply with the following:

1. The parent, guardian, or custodian of the children must file a certificate of enrollment including names, address, and telephone number of parents and children, childrenís dates of birth, and a simple description of the type of education the children are receiving.

The certificate must be submitted by September 15 of each school year to the school attendance officer where the children reside.

Any parent, guardian, or custodian found by the school attendance officer to be in noncompliance must comply within 10 days after receiving the noncompliance letter by the school attendance officer

2. A parent who has enrolled his child in the public school may, after Sept. 15, still enroll the child in a legitimate home instruction program and send the certificate of enrollment to the school attendance officer even though he missed the deadline.

3. A child must be educated in a legitimate home instruction program which is one that is not operated for the purpose of avoiding or circumventing the Mississippi attendance law.

Teacher Qualifications: None if the instructor is a parent. There are no teacher qualifications necessary to homeschool in Mississippi

Standardized Tests: There are no standardized tests that homeschool students must complete in Mississippi
Mississippi Homeschool Diploma

Students that complete their education through homeschool in Mississippi will not receive a diploma from the state and the homeschool program, since the student did not attend a public Mississippi school.  Students that plan to attend a post-secondary education or a job that requires a high school diploma are advised the take the GED exam.  Students that pass the GED exam are eligible to receive a GED diploma, which is considered a high school diploma equivalent.

Mississippi Education Standards

Mississippi does not provide an education curriculum for parents that plan to use homeschool to educate their child.  There are many curriculum resources on that parents have, so there are still a lot of options even if the school district doesnít provide their curriculum to you.  When choosing a curriculum, itís important to find one that meets the Mississippi State education standards set by the Department of Education.

Mississippi Textbooks and School Supplies

Also, the State of Mississippi does not provide parents with textbooks or school supplies if they decide to enroll their children in homeschool.  There is no state education funding available for homeschooling.