Homeschool AP Classes

Homeschool AP Courses are great for homeschool students that want to potentially earn college credit, while still in high school.  These credits can be applied towards the studentís college education, so the student in not required to take the same subject course in college.  Homeschool AP courses are more rigorous and students are engaged in more intense discussions.  Students that take an AP course are also expected to write clearly and persuasively in all coursework.  At the end of the year, the student will have the opportunity to take the AP exam.  The AP course is suppose the prep the student for the actual AP exam, so the student knows what to expect and know the types of questions that will be asked throughout the exam.  There are 34 various AP exams available to homeschool students, which range from Language - Chinese to Economics.  Homeschool students are advised to reach out to their local AP Coordinator to learn more about AP classes and AP Exams available in their area.

Homeschool AP Test Preparation Checklist

Students should contact AP Services no later than March 1 to get the names and phone numbers of local AP Coordinators. Once the list is received, students should prepare a list of the exams that they are planning to take. 

Contact the AP Coordinators identified by AP Services no later than March 15.

When calling Coordinators to arrange testing, make sure to tell them:

You are trying to locate a school willing to administer exams to homeschooled students.

Homeschooled students will use the state homeschool code provided by the Coordinator on the day of the exam, while students attending schools will use their school code.

AP Coordinator Role

Once you locate a school willing to administer the exams, that school's AP Coordinator is responsible for ordering your exam materials, collecting AP exam fees, and are responsible to inform you as to where you will take the exam.  All questions should go to the AP coordinator. 

Privacy Policy

AP Course Registration

If youíre interested in enrolling in an AP course and youíre currently enrolling in an homeschool program then you should contact and speak with an AP Coordinator.  Most AP Coordinators work at local schools and their contact information can be found through the AP Services.  Contacting an AP Coordinator will give you more information about the AP courses offered and the actual AP exam.  Students can better understand the workload that is required and any preparation required prior to taking the actual course.  Homeschool students can still participate though independent study or online AP courses.   

AP Test Registration

Homeschool students should let their AP Coordinator know that they are interested in taking an AP course and eventually the AP exam, so AP Test material can be ordered, fees can be paid, and testing information can be given to the interested student.  Homeschool students will be able to take the actual AP exam at their local participating school.