High School Diploma Equivalent

A high school diploma equivalent is considered a GED, also known as a General Education Diploma.  Students that have not completed school and received their high school diploma are eligible to receive a GED certificate.  There are certain requirements qualifications that you must be in order to become eligible to take the GED exam.  Below are the general requirements set, but each state has their own set of GED requirements.

GED Requirements:

GED Age Requirement: The GED age requirement is different in each state.  Some states require students to be at least 18 years of age, while other states require students to be at least 19 years of age.  Whatever the case, prospective GED applicants should be aware that there is a minimum age requirement.   

GED State Resident Requirement: Individuals must have live in the state that they are taking the exam to be eligible for the GED.  Individual must show their License or a bill with a state address to be eligible to take the exam.

School enrollment: Individual must not be currently enrolled in an accredited high school or currently receiving their post-secondary education.

HS Graduate: Individuals must not be a high school graduate.
Individuals that meet the above requirements are eligible to take the GED exam.  In order to better prepare for the exam, there are some great online GED prep courses available.  These prep courses review what will be on the GED test, subject material, and areas of weakness.  A GED Prep course is not required, but it is recommended if you want to improve your GED test scores.

Individuals that donít want to take a prep course can study on their own.  There are many great GED test prep books available through digit or paper format.  GED prep books can even be purchased through an app store.  If you do choose to study on your own for the exam, itís important that you find the time necessary to study.  Many preparers stay theyíre going to study, but they canít find the time to actually sit down to learn the material.
Many states also offer a free GED review course where they review the subject material that will be found on the actual test along with questions that have appears on the exam in the past.  These review sessions are great if you are currently studying on your own.  If youíve signed up for a private GED test prep then these sessions may not be as beneficial.

The GED exam tests your ability and knowledge of subjects that are taught in high school.  By completing and successfully passing the GED exam, you are showing that you do have the skills and knowledge of a high school graduate.  Many employers and post-secondary institutes will accept the GED if an individual doesnít have a high school diploma.

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