High School Credits

Students that need to make up high school credits to graduate on time or students that want to graduate early can take extra classes online to gain high school credits that count towards graduation.  Students can take classes at their high school if they are interested in credit recovery, but many students find online high schools more advantageous.  Online schools usually allow students to work at their own pace and teachers are more willing to help students learn their course work material.  If youíre interested in an online high school for high school credit recovery then itís important to do your research to make sure the online credit recovery program is fully accredited by an accreditation council.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is a curriculum established and sponsored by the College Board, which offers standardized courses to high school students that are generally recognized to be equivalent to undergraduate courses in college. Participating colleges grant credit to students who obtained high enough scores on the exams to qualify.  Students interested in taking an AP class have the option of completing an online class through a qualified online high school or through a traditional high school. 

Advanced placement coursework is designed to be difficult for high school students, since students actually receive college credit before ever attending college. Most AP courses are sufficient preparation for the AP exams that students can opt to take at the end of the year. If students do well on these exams, they are not required to take the course when in college.  More students are turning to AP classes online, since courses are reasonably priced and offer students to learn at their own pace, so they can fully understand the material that will be shown on the exam.
If youíre interested in high school recovery, AP class, or summer school then you should make an appointment to speak with your high school counselor to see if your school offers any of these programs.  If you school doesnít offer these programs then an online high school program may be a better option.  As the education system continues to bring more classes and school environments online, students will have even more chooses in the future.

Each state has their own guidelines and requirements for the number of credits needed to graduate high school.  Itís important to you require your own states requirements or speak with your high school counselor to determine how many credits are necessary to graduate high school on time.  Most states will post all high school graduation guidelines, requirements, and qualifications on their Department of Education website. 

Usually, students will be required to take:

English:  4 years of English grammar and literature in grades 9 through 12

Science: Biology I & II and Chemistry

Social Science: American and World History and another social studies class like State and Federal Government, Civics, or Geography

Foreign Language: any foreign language

Electives: The remainder of a student's credits may be earned from a wide variety of elective courses. These include art and music appreciation, theater, physical education, or vocational and technical classes.

Again, each state is different, so itís important to speak with a high school counselor to make sure you have the necessary credits to graduate high school.