GED Prep

GED Preparation currently occurs at home for 54% of all GED Test-takers.  Those that seek assistance may use programs on online, community colleges, and local libraries.  Many of the adult education and GED testing programs are administered through non-profit organizations / state entities and are not federally administered programs.

GED Testing Service and the ACE (American Council on Education) are developing tools to help adults at all skill levels increase their knowledge and preparedness for the GED test and the help adults successfully pass the GED through:

Diagnostic Pre-Assessment
Customized curriculum and differentiated instruction
Diagnostic post-assessment
GED Test-readiness assessment
The new GED, which will be introduced in 2014, will certify that an adult is ready for college and certain careers.  The new test is:

Aligned with the common core state standards
Delivered through computer based testing (CBT) requiring basic computer skills
Designed to demonstrate career and college readiness

Adults who pass the GED test can apply for the same college programs and employment opportunities as high school graduates.  More than 17,000 adults since 2003 have successfully graduate college or career training program, earned a degree or certificate in their desired field of study.

GED Testing Service and administrators are working with partners across non-profit, public, and private sectors to help more adults make a successful transition to college, training, and careers.  The goal is to provide tools for adults to receive information, counseling, and other support to enroll at a post-secondary institution, help adults obtain a college degree or career certification, and to guide adults in the correct career and educational paths.
It is estimated that 63 percent of all jobs in the US will require at least a post-secondary education by 2018, which means many adults will be required to go back to school for additional education.  In order to receive this education, adults must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you are an adult without a high school diploma, getting a GED is a great option if you want to improve your standard of living and improve your overall lifestyle.  Adults that receive their GED are able to find better paying jobs and more career opportunities are opened.  Your future starts will you.

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